Contract Responsibility

Department responsibilities

The end using department is responsible for overall administration of the contract and acts as the liaison between NAU and the contractor.  All contracts must be assigned to an individual within the department known as the departmental contract administrator who is responsible for performing or tracking performance, administration, addressing routine issues that may arise under the contract and alerting Contracting and Purchasing Services timely when a contract requires modification, renewal or cancellation.  The individual that signs the Contract Signature Request (CSR) form on behalf of the department will be considered the assigned departmental contract administrator for the related contract.  Refer to the Contract Routing section for more information on the CSR form.

Contracting and Purchasing Services’ responsibilities

Contracting and Purchasing Services reviews, negotiates required terms, signs, processes any change, renewal, modification, or termination of contracts, provides assistance to departmental representative regarding contractual issues and maintains a file that contains, at minimum, the fully executed copy of the contract along with any signed modifications and related correspondence.