A Guide to Purchasing Dell Products

Dell Marketing has been awarded as the University's standard Windows based supplier of all Windows based computer hardware to include workstations, notebooks, tablets, and servers.  University purchases of Windows based computer hardware shall be made from Dell Marketing.  This now includes tablets running Windows, and excludes examples such as the Microsoft Surface tablet.  Exceptions to purchase elsewhere if necessary shall be justified and directed to Contracting and Purchasing Services.

Dell product lines are highly rated within the industry.  The Optiplex desktop, Precision workstation, Latitude notebook and Poweredge server lines are business class systems, meet all applicable industry standards, and are available at very competitive pricing.  Be advised that ITS can only provide support for those business class lines, and not consumer class systems such as the Inspiron desktops or notebooks.

Negotiated Discount Rates (Minimum)

For system quantities, 1 to 29, same configuration, the University receives a discount off Dell's Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), educational pricing. For larger quantities, same configuration, contact the University’s Dell Representative Kim Koppenhaver at Kim_Koppenhaver@Dell.com, 800-274-7799  x 513-9316.

Dell/NAU Premier Page

Dell, Inc. has developed a website specifically for Northern Arizona University. The “Premier Page” allows end-user departments to configure/customize Dell products and buy direct. The "Premier Page" product lines and pricing are discounted in accordance with the University's Volume Purchase Agreement.

To configure, just point, click, configure, and price. Equipment on quotes totaling under $5,000.00 can be ordered directly by the department using a p card.  A Peoplesoft PUR Origin purchase order listing the quote number(s) shall be created for orders totaling over $5,000.00.

The first time you visit the Premier Page site you will be prompted to complete a two-step process, after these initial two steps are completed, you need to provide your personal password to gain access to the Premier Page. In addition, the Dell Representative listed below will need to be notified to ensure that you are added properly to the NAU Premier page.

Click here to access the Dell website.

Click here to access Dell’s Quick Reference Guide to the Premier site.

You will then create a new Dell Personal Profile by providing your name, e-mail address, and a new personal password that is unique to you. If you have already set up a profile on the Dell site, you can click “forgot password” to retrieve that password if you do not remember it.

Once you log in, you will be directed to the Standard Configurations page (you can also shop the full catalog).

Using the drop down handles, create your own system.

Click “add to cart” and “save as equote”. You can check out with a pcard, go back another time, or use the equote for processing a purchase order.

When you place an order, you will always receive two emails. The first acknowledges the order, and the second provides order details, pricing and order number.  Contact the University’s Dell Representative Kim Koppenhaver at Kim_Koppenhaver@Dell.com, 800-274-7799  x 513-9316 with any Dell Premier issues.


Allow a minimum of two week's delivery of your Dell system.

Order status

You may check the status of your Dell order on Dell's web site at http://premier.dell.com/ . Under Favorites, select Support. Under Support, select Order Status. Under Multiple Order Status, select PO Number and complete the University's purchase order number.

Non-Capital Equipment

Computer systems, with a total unit cost, less than $5,000.00, while designated non-capital, shall be considered as taggable and tracked as inventory. The University's Property Administration Department shall be responsible for the Equipment ID Tagging process.

The University's Equipment ID Tagging process shall ensure the following:

  • Facilitate the equipment/system "IP" address
  • Insure the equipment/system against loss
  • Track equipment/system

Return policy

Products purchased from Dell may be returned, for any reason, within thirty days, from the date of Dell's Invoice. To return a system, under this thirty-day provision, the system shall be re-packed in its original packaging. End-user departments shall be responsible for return freight charges. When returning defective or incorrect merchandise follow the University's Return Policy. Contact Purchasing Services, at 523-4557, for assistance if needed.

Due to the 30-day return policy, it is crucial that the end-user departments accomplish the following steps in a timely manner:

When your Dell system is delivered, immediately unpack your system.
Contact the University's Property Administration Department and request the Equipment ID Tagging process.Once your system is tagged, contact Information Technology Services (ITS) at 523-1511 and request an SOS ticket be opened for a new system setup.


All Dell systems come with a standard 3-year on-site, next business day parts and labor warranty. Warranty Service for Dell systems shall be administered by the University's Information Technology Services Department (ITS).

Warranty Service/Technical Support: 523-1511.

Warranty Service/Technical Support (Statewide) 1-888-520-7215.

University contact

Glenn Birkett
Contracting and Purchasing Services

Dell contact

Kim Koppenhaver
Dell Representative
512-513-9316 direct
800-274-7799 toll free
512-283-1046 fax