Travel Forms and Tools


Academic Institutional Excuse Form.
This form used to request students to be absent from campus.

Annual Travel Certification
This certification shall be completed by the traveler on an annual basis prior to traveling on university business.

Exception to Policy Blanket Form
This form is used to document, justify the business purpose, and obtain approval for exceptions to NAU's travel policy that occur frequently within an operating unit.

Exception to Policy Signer Authorization Form
For those departments that designate exception signers. Exception signers have travel policy expertise and will hold the same responsibilities as the departmental business manager.

NAU Travel Exception to Policy Signer "Lookup"

Exhibit J Form
The Exhibit J Document is a required form used to provide a detailed certification that the expenses incurred by the traveler are correct and complete.

Fuel Expense/Mileage Reimbursement Claim Comparison Worksheet 
This form is used to compare the reimbursement or PCard purchase of gasoline to the potential mileage claim.

Meal Money Form
To document students' names and affiliations who receive money for per diem expenses. This form is to be used for group travel and attached to the Exhibit J Document as supporting documentation.

Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement Form 
The Non-Employee Travel Reimbursement form is used to assist a non-employee traveler to document and certify expenses that will be reimbursed by NAU. This is to be attached to the Exhibit J Document when used. Non-employees are reimbursed through Account Payable in accordance with policy CMP 421-02: Interviewees and Other Non-Employees.

Out-of-State Request for Multiple Representation Form
To be used as justification when more than one person from a department attends a conference, meeting, training session or seminar out of state.

Student Team/Group Travel List
The Student Team/Group Travel List is used to identify the students participating in the travel and to be attached to the Exhibit J Document. It is used for group travel.

Travel Advance Repayment 

NAU Travel Exception to Policy Signer "Lookup"


Daily Travel Activities and Spending Log
The Daily Travel Activities and Spending Log is a tool that can assist the traveler in tracking activities while in travel status.

TA Processing Procedures
This link provides an overview of the TA processing procedure.

Travel Brochure
The Travel Brochure is used as a quick reference for the NAU Traveler.

Travel Budget Worksheet 
The Travel Worksheet Form is used to assist the traveler in estimating the cost for travel prior to departure.

Travel Mileage Log (Excel)
The Travel Mileage Log is to assist the traveler to document mileage between multiple destinations. This form is not a requirement for reimbursement for travel, although information from this form will need to be attached on the Exhibit J Document.

Travel Policy Overview
This presentation provides a brief overview of travel policy for the NAU traveler.

Vehicle Rental Justification Worksheet 
The Vehicle Rental Justification Form is used to assist the traveler in justifying the use of a rental vehicle. If used, must be attached to Exhibit J.