Northern Arizona University (NAU), as a public institution, seeks to ensure that its faculty, staff, and administrators, carry out their responsibilities with integrity and demonstrate the ethical behavior expected of public employees. 

To complete the annual requirement for CERT certification, Faculty and staff can log onto NAU CERT Program page and updates to the eCERT (disclosure) are required within 15 days of when circumstances change.  Newly hired employees must also complete the eCert within 30 days following the hire date.

The university expects that administrative officers and other employees of the university be independent and impartial in all actions involving the use of public resources, that public office or employment not be used for private gain, and that there be complete public confidence in the integrity of the university. Arizona laws prohibit participation by university employees in any decision where the employee has a substantial interest in the decision of the university.

All members of the Northern Arizona University community acting in the course and scope of their employment are responsible for maintaining the highest ethical standards of conduct. The Standards and Expectations of Conduct guidelines establishes standards for conduct by those acting on behalf of the university, including administrators, faculty, staff, and student employees, as well as authorized volunteers and representatives acting as agents of the university (the “university community”).