Changes and Clarifications to Comptroller Policy and Procedure


The university has updated travel policies to remain consistent with the State of Arizona Accounting Manual published by the Arizona General Accounting Office. The following policies have been changed and are effective immediately.

Rates for M&IE and Lodging for some cities have changed, as well as the computation for international travel. 7/1/17

Please make sure that you are using the latest Maximum Mileage, Lodging, Meal, Parking and Incidental Expense Reimbursement Rates chart as some rates have changed.

TRV 515-08:  Non-State Sponsored Payments  7/1/17

New policy, if an individual employee's non-University payment card, rather than a University sponsored P-card is used to pay for conferences, lodging, common carrier travel, meals and incidentals, the individual shall not be reimburse until after the completion of the travel-related event.

TRV 550-01: International Travel Policy  7/1/17

Point 3 - To determine the reimbursement limitations on meals and incidentals in Alaska, Hawaii and out-of-country locations, add the DoD Local Meal Rate (not the Proportional Meal Rate) to the Local Incidental Rate and subtract ten dollars ($10) from tat sum.

TRV 555-01:Travel Advances

Point 1c - The amount of a travel advance is limited to the amounts that are expected to be incurred for meals.

Point 1d - A travel advance may not exceed 80% of the total estimated meal expense.

 Please contact if you have any questions.