Current Projects

National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative

    • The mission of the National Domestic Violence Fatality Review Initiative (NDVFRI) is to provide technical assistance for the reviewing of domestic violence related deaths with the underlying objectives of preventing them in the future, preserving the safety of battered women, and holding accountable both the perpetrators of domestic violence and the multiple agencies and organizations that come into contact with the parties.

Santa Cruz Fatality Review and Safety Assessment

    • Santa Cruz Fatality Review and Safety Assessment (SCFRASA) aims to use fatality reviews to fashion key questions followed by safety assessments that develop detailed preventive strategies.

DV Homicide Prevention Initiative

    • The DV Homicide Prevention Initiative introduces community-based risk training to better respond to dangerous cases of IPV.

Arizona Intimate Partner Risk Assessment Instrument System

    • Arizona Intimate Partner Risk Assessment Instrument System (APRAIS) produces standardized and evidence-based risk assessment tools and protocols for law enforcement and advocacy, creates a shared language of risk to inform CJS decisions, provides education to inform case handling and public awareness on a broader scale, creates an addendum to Form 4 through which law enforcement can communicate IPV risk to the court, and works with law enforcement regarding existing reporting mechanisms and possible long term realignment.

Arizona Child and Adolescent Survivor Initiative

    • The Arizona Child & Adolescent Survivor Initiative (ACASI) mission is to deliver a multi-county, trauma-informed system of care to provide specialized victim services and support to children who have lost a parent to intimate partner homicide.

Battered Women's Justice Project

    • Along with the Battered Women's Justice Project, the Family Violence Institute arranges webinars with leading scholars on intimate partner violence to translate scientific evidence into lay, practice oriented information. Visit our Training And Events page for upcoming events and past recordings.
    • As part of this project, Dr. Kathleen Ferraro, Director of Training and Curriculum at the Family Violence Institute, published a 2017 paper: "Current Research on Batterer Intervention Programs and Implications for Policy." Batterer intervention programs (BIPs) emerged in the United States in the late 1970s as one component of the social response to intimate partner violence. The goal of this paper is to review existing research, focusing on various research designs and their strengths and limitations.