John Bradford

John Bradford Research Ecologist
Northern Arizona University
USGS Southwest Biological Science Center and Colorado Plateau Research Station
Phone: 928-523-7766

John studies the impact of global change on terrestrial ecosystems, focusing on understanding how changing climatic conditions and land use practices influence terrestrial vegetation structure and composition as well as ecosystem processes, notably carbon and water cycling. His interests tend toward large spatial and long temporal scales and I combine results from manipulative and observational experiments with simulation modeling, remote sensing and GIS to scale insights from plots to landscapes and regions.  He is currently engages in the broad topics of ecohydrology and forest sustainability in the western U.S. and has projects examining a) the potential influence of changing climatic conditions on the distribution and regeneration potential of tree species in the intermountain western U.S., b) temporal patterns in forest development and carbon dynamics at landscape to regional scales, and c) ecosystem water balance and patterns of plant-available soil water in dryland regions.  In addition to conducting primary research, John provides the Southern Rockies Landscape Conservation Cooperative a research perspective on emerging landscape-scale land management challenges. Prior to joining the USGS in 2011, John worked a research scientist for the US Forest Service in Minnesota. John received a B.A. in biology from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in ecology from Colorado State University. Publications from John’s work can be found here.