Jennifer Holmes

Jennifer Holmes Wildlife Biologist
Northern Arizona University
Phone: 928-523-7076

Jennifer Holmes is a Wildlife Biologist with Northern Arizona University and a Cooperator with the Colorado Plateau Research Station, in Flagstaff Arizona.  Her primary research interests include the study of bird habitat relationships and conservation. Her current projects involve multiple cooperators studying the effects of climate change and other factors on bird species distributions and related conservation implications. She also designed and, since 2007, implemented habitat-based bird community monitoring for the Southern Colorado Plateau Inventory and Monitoring Network, National Park Service. In recent years she has studied yellow-billed cuckoo habitat use, developing multi-scaled spatially explicit models to inform cuckoo conservation. She is co-author of the Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo Natural History Summary and Survey Methodology.

Jennifer has extensive experience finding and monitoring nests, including filming to determine incubation and feeding rates of multiple species in a wide variety of habitats on three continents, and recording behavioral observations of birds.  She has conducted research on avian ecology and habitat use throughout the West, western Mexico, northern Argentina, and Uganda. Jennifer has received training in Occupancy modeling (a 5 day, hands-on course taught by D. MacKenzie, the developer of the program/method) and in modeling density using the program Distance (a 5 day course taught by the developers of the program).  She has presented her research at scientific conferences, and presentations to local citizens groups and management agencies.