the job search

Searching for and landing a job takes work and the process may feel somewhat foreign. You should know that searching for a job does not have to be intimidating even if it is a new experience.

The key to a successful job search is organized and focused planning. A good plan will serve as a road map through your job search process and will even help you set up new tracks should your plans change. In this module you will learn about the five key steps to a successful job search: 

  1. The game plan - Just like preparing for a big game against a new opponent, your game plan will lay out your strategy for job search success.
  2. Marketing yourself - Developing several documents, including a resume and cover letter, are crucial in your communication with employers.
  3. Job search strategies - In order to apply for jobs, you need to know where to look.
  4. Interviewing - Learn the keys for how to express your qualities and talents to prospective employers.
  5. Compensation and negotiation - Considering total compensation, which is more than just salary, is the final step of a successful job search .

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“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” ~Confucius