career preparation

You may have a solid idea about the specific career you want to pursue or at least several different careers that you are considering. Now, how do you make your vision about your future a reality? 

While working hard in school and doing well academically are major components, it is also crucial that you use your time as a student to gain experience outside of the classroom. Your experiences outside of the classroom will help you develop the skills that employers see as crucial to your potential in their organization. In this unit you will explore the career skills employers value, how to land a great internship, and the value of becoming involved in your school or community. You will also learn about the value of career fairs and Handshake! If you are interested in pursuing a federal career, there are resources available for you, too.

You’ll learn more about crafting a resume in the next unit, but for now compare these two resumes. Both resumes are visually appealing and both share the same major, but Regina’s skills and experiences are far more impressive than those of Michael. In reality, when applying in today’s job market for an entry level professional position, your background will very likely be compared against several hundred other college students or graduates. 

Employers look for relevant, hands-on experience to demonstrate your motivation and ability to work in a professional environment. These experiences complement your classroom-based learning, giving you an opportunity to apply theory to real-life setting. Fortunately, there are lots of opportunities at NAU to get the experience that employers seek!

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