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About the Bike HUB

The HUB is an on-campus space designed for students to come and educate themselves about bicycle maintenance. The HUB is designed to be a resource for students to use, in order to promote cycling as a form of healthy and sustainable transportation. A common scenario with on campus cycling is that students who do not know how to maintain their bicycle or are in need of a repair that they are unable to asses or fix, will stop riding. Hub stands to empower and educate these kind of students and keep them on their bicycles!


To develop a safe and inclusive cycling culture at NAU in order to promote cycling as a healthy and sustainable form of transportation.


Phone: (928) 523-3229



August 28, 2017- September 15, 2017

Monday thru Friday, 2pm-4pm

September 17, 2017 to November 22, 2017

Monday and Wednesday, 2pm-4pm


Located in NAU Outdoors, accessible through the back (south side) of the Health and Learning Center.

How It Works

Functioning as a self-service center, students and staff can bring their bike into the Bike Hub and enjoy the multitude of tools, maintenance books and free access to You Tube repair videos to get your bike into tip top shape.  If a member of the friendly Outdoor Adventure team is available to assist you, they will gladly point you in the right direction to fix your bike!  

Funding & partners

NAU Green Fund

All of the HUB's start-up costs were supported by a Green Fund grant, which is a pool of money funded collectively through a $5 investment by each student. Green Funds were then used to support the local economy by buying equal amounts of supplies from each of the five local shops near NAU.

The HUB is also funded by Americorps and Campus Recreation. This project is part of a Sustainable Communities Masters student's thesis research.

Proud sponsors

  • Pizzacleta
  • Macy's
  • Beta Bouldering
  • Flagstaff Climbing
  • The Alpine Pedaler
  • Flagstaff Sports Exchange