Sport Clubs Officer Resources

2017-2018 Officer Training

Sport Club Officers can complete their annual training online using this link, which will self-enroll them in our BBLearn course. After receiving a certificate of completion, officers must send a copy to with the subject line "Officer Training Completion_(Club Name)" for proper tracking.

In addition to Sport Clubs Officer training, officers must also complete President and Treasurers training through the Office of Student Life if it pertains to their position.

Important Forms & Links

Click on the link in the left column to download copies of each form. Most forms must be submitted to unless otherwise noted.
Form LinksDescription
Tier System Overview A live look at current met requirements for the Sport Clubs Tier System
Institutional ExcuseMust be typed and submitted 10 businesses days before absence to the Office of Student LifeIn order to be approved, the form must:
  1. First be signed by the club's faculty/staff adviser
  2. Drop the form off to the Sport Clubs Coordinator to be signed.
    • All students listed must be registered and have a Participant Release Form completed.
    • A Travel Notification related to the IE form must be submitted BEFORE submitting to Sport Clubs Administration.
    • Electronic copies will not be accepted. Original copes ONLY must be dropped off in person to the Campus Rec Administration Office.
  3. After the first two signatures are secured, the club will be notified to pick up and take the form to the Office of Student Life for final approval.
  4. If approved, the club can make copies of the form for all club participants traveling to submit to their professors/instructors.
Sport Clubs ReimbursementComplete this form to apply for reimbursement from your club's tier system allocations.
  • Travel expenses will not be covered by this funding. Travel is only reimbursable by ASNAU funding.
  • Expenses such as tournament entry fees, game officials, facility rentals, medical personnel (Athletic Trainers, EMS on site at games) all qualify for Sport Clubs reimbursement.
Equipment Purchase RequestClubs may use their annual Sport Club allocation to request qualified equipment purchases. Submit to
Community Service ReportClubs who complete community service should submit a report to track the total number of hours towards Tier System Requirements.
Adviser Meeting ReportHave your Faculty/Staff Adviser complete this report after each meeting and submit directly to Sport Clubs Administration
Support & Appearance FormComplete this form after attending another club game or event.
Registration TutorialUse this guide to help your members register on your roster, and also how to submit event requests.

University Resources 

Sport Clubs Officer HandbookThe policies & procedures specific to Sport Clubs
Student Organization ManualUse this link to access policies & procedures for ALL Registered Student Organizations at NAU
ASNAU FundingUse this link for information on how to receive funding from the ASNAU Senate Bill
Trademark & LicensingAll Sport Clubs must comply with the policies outlined in this document.
Sample ConstitutionUse this link if you are looking to create a new constitution or revise/audit a current constitution
NAU Student HandbookBecome familiar with this web page as all clubs and their members are expected to abide by these policies at all times
Budget Template Click on this link to start creating your budget for successful financial management

Player Safety Resources

Safety Officer Training  Every Sport Club must identify a Safety Officer to complete this annual training.
Physical Therapy ClinicStudents from the Physical Therapy program can help club athletes rehabilitate injuries at no cost.
Concussion AwarenessIt is recommended for all club athletes to become familiar with this information on how to identify and properly manage a concussion.
Campus Health ServicesUse this link for more information on your on-campus health provider.
NAU Health PromotionAccess programs which empower healthy choices to support academic success and athletic performance.

Club E-mail Account Access

Sport Clubs may have multiple officers or club members gain access to their official club email account. To access your club account, login to the myNAU portal and follow the instructions below. 
  1. Login with your NAU ID and password
  2. Navigate to the E-mail Manager page to click on the account you would like to access
  3. When prompted to login with Outlook enter your username and password again
To add/remove a user, contact Sport Clubs Administration and provide the individual's NAU ID (Ex/ MP978). 


If the content you are looking for is not available on this page, please contact Sport Clubs Administration at 928-523-0567 or