Intramural Sports

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Welcome to NAU Intramural Sports! 

Intramural Sports is a program designed to offer a variety of competitive and recreational sporting opportunities to all NAU Students, Faculty/Staff, and Alumni!  We offer over 30 different opportunities to participate in individual or team sports, as well as various other special events and tournaments.  We strive to accommodate the interests of the entire NAU community!
Intramural Sports seasons typically run for a 5-6 week period.  Each team will typically play one game per week for 4-5 weeks and the top teams will be placed into a playoff bracket for the last week of the season. Each Intramural Sports Champion will receive an Intramural Sports Championship T-Shirt!  We offer leagues for women, men, and co-recreational teams at both the competitive and recreational levels.  Whether you want to compete with high caliber Intramural Sports Athletes or you want to play for fun or even try a new sport, we have what you are looking for! We also offer various one-day tournaments and events throughout the year. For a full listing of Intramural Sports offerings, visit!

How To Get Involved

Intramural Sports is offered to all NAU Students, Faculty, Staff, and Alumni! Signing up, registering, and staying up to date on schedules and events is simple! Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Visit 
  2. Click "Sign Up" in the top right corner
  3. Be sure to find Northern Arizona University in the drop down menu titled "Select School/Organization"
  4. Fill out the information and click "Create Account" at the bottom - If you already have an account then you just need to login
  5. Select the sport you would like to play during the open registration period.
  6. Choose the day of the week that you wish to play on and select to "Create Team" or you can join as a "Free Agent"
  7. Fill out the information to finish the process

If you are having trouble creating your profile, registering a team, or signing up as a free agent, please contact the Intramural Sports Coordinator at or 928-523-3111.


Intramural Sports Memberships are required to participate in any of our intramural sports leagues, tournaments, or events. Memberships will not be prorated, are non-refundable, and non-transferable. There are various memberships available for purchase through After paying for your membership, when prompted, simply click the button that says "Use Package to Pay."

Current Membership Rates:

$20 Fall Semester Membership - Gets you access to all Intramural Sports leagues, tournaments, and events occurring during the fall semester

$20 Spring Semester Membership - Gets you access to all Intramural Sports leagues, tournaments, and events occurring during the spring semester

$30 Academic Year Membership - Gets you access to all Intramural Sports leagues, tournaments, and events occurring during the academic year

$50 NAU Alumni Membership - Gets you access to all Intramural Sports leagues, tournaments, and events occurring during the academic year 

$5 One Day Tournament Fee - Gets you access to a single Intramural Sports One-Day Tournament or Special Event (examples include: cornhole, billiards, frisbee golf, etc.)

Team Captains and Participants

Team Captains are responsible for the following:

  • Reading the Intramural Sports Handbook
  • Encouraging all participants and team members to become familiar with the Intramural Sports Handbook 
  • Registering teams prior to the registration deadline
  • Keeping team members up to date with Intramural Sports schedules, events, and changes
  • Verifying the eligibility of the players on their own team and the eligibility of players on the opponents team
  • Attending the MANDATORY Captain's Meetings for all season long sports
  • A full list of responsibilities is outlined in the Intramural Sports Handbook
Teams will be responsible for the following:
  • Having met the roster requirements prior to the registration deadline - Teams will not be scheduled without a verified roster
  • Each participant must have an IMLeagues Profile and purchased a membership through
  • All participants must check-in with an Intramural Sports Supervisor prior to playing in their contest.  A photo ID (JacksCard) must be presented for each game/contest
    • Individuals not listed on a roster must show verification of registration before they can participate
  • All teams must wear similar colored uniforms with a permanent number (Numbers drawn on with a marker are accepted)
Contact Us
If you have any questions/comments/concerns regarding NAU Intramural Sports, please contact the Intramural Sports Coordinator at or call 928-523-3111.
Employment Opportunities
Intramural Sports offers NAU Students the opportunity to join our team of Sports Officials and Supervisors! Our student staff members are the core of our program! They are essential to providing a safe and positive experience for all of our participants.  We strive to focus on the development of skills and knowledge for all of our student employees.  There are various opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of sports and you can take this experience as far as you would like! For all available staff openings, please visit NAU Handshake and search for Intramural Sports.