Challenge Course Rates and Reservations


We strive to make the NAU Challenge Course affordable and available to everyone. Your rate will vary depending on your course length, group size, and type.

Challenge Program Rates & Reservation

All programs require a $150 reservation fee at the initial reservation. This fee is absorbed by the total cost at the end of the program

Program Length

NAU Students

Internal: University, Affiliates, and Youth













Half Day










Full Day










Amazing Race





The Challenge Course Program is universally designed. If you require special accommodations, please contact us in advance and we will endeavor to assist you and your group. Call 928-523-5010 or email

Program rate notes:

  • Minimum of 10 participants for all programs
  • For youth programs there is no charge for chaperones
  • Adventure in Motion: Portable Challenge Program- we bring our custom designed, highly effective programming to you! Book a portable program for 10% off the above rate + travel expenses
  • Portable Climbing Wall- Available in most locations on campus: $100 set up fee + $50 operation fee per hour 

Reservation and cancellation policy:

  • To reserve a program date, the signed reservation agreement and nonrefundable reservation fee are required. Your date will be released if these items are not received within 4 days of the initial reservation.
  • Any program changed are due at least 3 business days prior to the scheduled program to avoid late charges
  • Program cancellations must be requested at least 1 week prior to scheduled program or you will be charged 20% of the total cost

Why the different rates?

NAU Students receive a near break-even rate. Serving populations beyond the NAU community is outside of our primary mission.


Our aim is to design an experience around your group and your goals. Reserve early for this popular program. Schedule a course two to three months in advance for a weekend or one month in advance for a weekday program. Check back with us for unexpected openings or multiple groups availability. 

Request a program reservation today!

Contact us at 928-523-5010 or to with questions or to check date availability.

Is the course is right for you?

Our staff is happy to visit your Flagstaff location for a free 15-30 minute presentation on the Challenge Course experience. Contact us to schedule a presentation!

Additional services


Food is not provided as part of the Challenge Course experience. Dining hall meals can be arranged by the Challenge Course for an additional fee of $10.00 per person.

Parking passes

Parking is not provided. Northern Arizona University parking permits and zones apply. Parking permits must be obtained from Parking and Shuttle Services or coordinated through the Challenge Course for an additional fee of $7 per car and $9 per bus. Permits are not required on weekends.

Paperwork and Terms

Required Paperwork

When you schedule your Challenge Course program, we will send you a reservation packet. Your reservation is not secure until requisite paperwork has been returned. The contents of that packet contain the following:

NAU and Affiliated organizations:

  • Challenge Course Group Reservation Packet including:
    • reservation and cancellation information
    • invoice and payment information
    • pre-course assessment
    • medical and informed consent forms
    • frequently asked questions
    • location map

Outside organizations:

  • NAU Facility Use License Agreement.
    • This agreement must be:
      • signed by an authorized person
      • returned with the appropriate Certificate of Insurance Requirements attached (if applicable)
        • This will be reviewed by Northern Arizona University’s Insurance and Contracting Department. Please allow at least 30 days for this process. Last-minute course reservations can sometimes be accommodated; contact us to inquire. 
      • submitted with a $150 reservation fee deposit
  • Reservation Packet
    • reservation details, terms and cancellation information
    • invoice and payment information
    • pre-course assessment
    • individual participant liability waivers
    • location map

Reservation Terms

Cancellation: The $150 reservation deposit is non-refundable, please refer to section 1.8 of the Facility Use Agreement. No refunds will be issued due to weather, we are always willing to continue the program indoors. 

Rescheduling: Reservations may be rescheduled at no charge 30 or more days outside the scheduled reservation time. Reschedule requests made less than 30 days ahead of the program date will be charged an administrative fee of 25% the total reservation bill or $150, whichever is less. Rescheduling and cancellations made the day of the program cannot accommodated and the $150 deposit will be forfeited. 

Deposit, Payments, and Invoicing: Reservations are not confirmed until the $150 deposit, Signed Reservation/Facility Use Agreement, and if applicable Certificate of Insurance have been returned and approved. Facility Use Agreements can take up to 30 days for approval. Please submit paperwork promptly. 

Credit Card, Check, Cash, Inter-Departmental Billing, are accepted forms of payment. Credit Card payment is taken over the phone. Checks should be made payable to NAU Challenge Course and sent to: Challenge Course, PO Box 5773, Flagstaff, AZ 86011.

Final participant numbers are due three business days prior to your program. You will receive an invoice for the remaining due shortly after your program. Final payment is due 15 days after receipt of the invoice

Individual Liability Waivers: Be sure each participant has previously submitted or brings with them day of the Medical History and Informed Consent form. NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE without a completed form. Minors (younger than 18) need a parent or guardian’s signed approval. Both the parent and the participant must sign and initial the forms in ALL DESIGNATED PLACES. Please have the forms completed before the Course, and if possible returned to our offices for review. We will have extra forms on site.

Proper Attire: Dress for the weather: wear comfortable athletic clothing, sunscreen and sneakers (preferred) or hiking boots on the challenge course. Open toed shoes or sandals are not allowed on the Course. Please, no large belt buckles, jewelry, watches, knives, radios, chewing gum or anything that could interfere with your participation. Long hair should be tied up or secured back.

Parking: Parking is not provided. NAU parking permits and zones apply. Parking permits must be obtained from parking services, 928-523-6623 or can be coordinated through the NAU Challenge Course at an additional fee.