NAU Students

If you are a Northern Arizona University student or faculty or staff member, see how we can provide a valuable learning experience for student groups.

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Recent and regular clients include HRM Leadership, PRM 242, residence life RA staff teams, Greek sororities and fraternities, Orientation Leaders, sports clubs, College of Business Peer Mentors and more.

These student groups choose to implement challenge course programing into their curriculum and annual training in order to build group cohesiveness, address topics such as communication, trust, leadership and problem solving, and have fun.

Students can further benefit from the challenge course by taking training for credit through Parks and Recreation Management, or pursuing employment.

Schools and youth programs

Bring your students grades five through twelve for an experiential learning experience that meets many Arizona State Standards.

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The Challenge Course provides youth with the opportunities to take risks in a positive, safe, and controlled environment that are critical to their development. We also address 21st century skills including critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity —skills that will be crucial as youth continue into higher education and the workplace.

The Challenge Course has been working for over ten years with students grades five through twelve from Arizona schools, and local and regional organizations. Recent and regular clients include: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Youth Groups, and Classes, jROTC, Clubs, and Sport Teams from Blue Ridge, Winslow, Flagstaff, Glendale, Cottonwood Oak Creek School Districts and several local private and charter schools.


The Challenge Course promotes individual and team development to create a more effective, collaborative environment and increase your company’s productivity. Our professional, experiential learning facilitators will provide a program tailored to the needs of your business and employees.

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For more detailed information, view our program PowerPoint or read a letter from our past manager on the Challenge Course and the economy. You can also learn more about Challenge Course team-building programs.

Visit us from beyond Arizona

In collaboration with the experience created on the Challenge Course, the city of Flagstaff is becoming the place for businesses to meet, work and play. A few of the latest developments include: