Student Unions Customer Survey

Please help us by taking a few minutes to complete this survey and share your experience at the University Union.

(5-Very Satisfied; 4-Mostly Satisfied; 3-Somewhat Satisfied; 2- Somewhat Dissatisfied; 1-Very Dissatisfied.)

1) Where was your event held?


2) Please Rate Your Overall Experience


3) How Would You Rate the Reservation Process?


4) Was your room set-up as requested?


5) Was your room neat and clean?


6) If you requested audio visual equipment, please rate.


7) If you requested a special room set, please rate.


8) Was everything in working order and set appropriately?


9) If you required additional assistance, please rate.


10) Was the service you received friendly and courteous?


11) Is there anything you can suggest for us to do better in the future?


12) Would you like us to contact you?


If so, please provide your name and phone number.