Grant Announcement

Announcing new grant funded Doctoral program in Culturally Linguistically Diverse and Exceptional Education

This cohort begins in January 2014 and completes in Spring 2018. Limited and competitive grants will be available for the full five years*. Others are invited to participate in the cohort even without funding. Can compete for Graduate Assistantships and Tuition waivers. The Focus in CLDE prepares certified Special Education teachers with M. Ed. in Special Education or related fields to become Special Education Faculty at institutes of higher education. Cohort begins in January 2014- Fall and Spring courses offered online. Mandatory summer courses are offered in person on the Flagstaff campus. The cohort is fast paced, with completion expected by Spring 2018. 

*Grant funded students will have specific requirements to fulfill to accept the funding. Contact about grant opportunity. For general information about the C & I doctoral program contact