Dr. Joseph Wegwert

BS: Political Science, Northern Illinois University
MA: History, Northern Illinois University
PhD: Educational Leadership (Curriculum), Miami University (Ohio)

Statement of belief and commitment to inquiry:

There are some in the academy that easily dismiss and readily abandon the democratic project and the academic freedom it requires in favor of a corporate curriculum of technical knowledge and SURVEILLANCE. 

Their hollow claims of neutrality mask their attachments to anti-democratic and anti-intellectual structures and discourses of DOMINATION. 

Contrary to their ironic accusations of “indoctrination,” a pedagogy that invites teacher education students to question authoritarian structures, to interrogate unexamined discursive frames, and to disturb and disrupt entrenched “truths” about what “good” families look like, how “good”children should behave, and what “good” education must include, embodies the absolute antithesis of – indeed, is the only effective antidote for – INDOCTRINATION! 

- Joseph C. Wegwert, Ph.D.