Jeffrey W. Bloom

BS: Guilford College
MEd.: University of Houston
EdD.: University of Houston
NAU: 1999-Present

Fax: 928-523-1929

Web sites

My Personal-Professional Site
The Exploring Science Site
Connections Blog
Science Education for Kids Blog
AERA - Chaos & Complexity Theories Special Interest Group 

Areas of teaching

Elementary Science Education; Elementary Curriculum

Past areas of teaching

Qualitative Research Methods; Curriculum Theory and Development; History, Philosopy, and Sociology of Science in Education; Technology in Science Education

Research interests

Children's Learning, Thinking, and Discourse in Science; Classrooms as Communities of Young Scientists and Inquirers; Chaos and Complexity Theories as Explanatory Frameworks in Learning, Thinking, and Discourse; Metapatterns (i.e., Gregory Bateson's "Pattern Which Connect") as Subject Matter; Teacher Thinking and Practice; Curriculum Theory; Qualitative Research

Professional/Honorary affiliations

American Educational Research Association (including Chaos and Complexity Theories Special Interest Group); National Association for Research in Science Teaching; Association for the Education of Teachers of Science; Summit On Science Advisory Board; Editorial Board ofScience Education; National Society for the Study of Education

Current projects

Children's Complex Learning; Innovative Kids Project