AEPA preparation seminars

Seminars will be offered at the Flagstaff campus once each fall, spring, and summer semester. We will also broadcast a seminar via Elluminate to statewide Northern Arizona University students once each semester. As upcoming seminar dates are determined, they will be posted on this website.

Seminars will cover information pertaining to the AEPA™ Professional Knowledge exam, both elementary and secondary.

During the seminar, students will:

  • explore test preparation strategies for test objectives and essay questions
  • take a professional knowledge practice test with opportunities for discussion (Elementary and Secondary only—unfortunately we do not have Early Childhood materials at this time)
  • learn ways to maximize scores on the AEPA™
  • find out about university APPEL resources
  • receive instructions regarding the AEPA™ registration and obtaining required materials

Times and locations of seminars

Once you sign up for APPEL you can access the seminar times and locations. Generally weekend Elluminate seminars are held in the mornings and weekday seminars are held on the Mountain Campus in afternoons and evenings.

Seminar registration instructions

Registered APPEL users go to your Vista web course to find the "seminar information" link.

If you are NOT a registered APPEL user click here to sign up for our web course which will give you access to the APPEL seminar sign-up links.