Frequently Asked Questions

Which test(s) should I register for?
All teacher candidates need to register to take the Assessment of Professional Knowledge Test (either elementary or secondary). In addition to the Professional Knowledge, Elementary Education Majors will need to take the Elementary Education Content Subtest 1 (102) and Subtest 2 (103). If the teacher candidate would like to teach middle school, the candidate will need to take a Middle Grade Content test in the area of their major, (math, English, social studies, science) in addition to the Elementary Education Content Subtest. Secondary Education Majors will need to take the secondary Assessment of Professional Knowledge Test and the Secondary content area of their major (math, biology, music, art, history, ETC).  Special Education teacher candidates who graduate from NAU’s dual major program will also need to take the Special Education Subject test. Early Childhood Education Majors should take the AEPA Early Childhood Education content knowledge test and the AEPA Professional Knowledge: Early Childhood. If you have any questions about which test to take refer to the Arizona Department of Education Certification Requirements Page.
When should I take the NES® or AEPA®?

Elementary Education Majors (including dual) must take and pass the NES® Elementary Education Subtest I & II before student teaching. If you intend to student teach in a middle grades classroom, you must take and pass the appropriate middle grades content knowledge test prior to student teaching. Please check with your advisor concerning the deadlines for student teaching applications

Your NES® or AEPA® test scores are a key aspect of being granted an Arizona teaching certificate. We recommend that students take the appropriate professional knowledge test when finished with methods courses in your program.

How much does the NES® or AEPA® cost?
The Professional Knowledge exam costs $95. Elementary Subtests cost $95 together or $50 individually. Most other content based exams cost $95. You will register and pay online on the AEPA® Website.
Where is the NES® or AEPA® administered?
There are testing sites around Arizona. When registering for the NES® or AEPA® you will be asked to choose a test site and time. You can receive directions to your exact testing location. Please refer to the AEPA® Website for testing locations outside of Arizona.
When and how will I get my scores?
You will be able to view your unofficial score immediately after completion for most content tests. Approximately 10 days after taking the test your score report will be available for you to access on the AEPA® Website For tests including constructed response items, scores can take up to 4 weeks to report. This includes some content knowledge tests, and all professional knowledge tests. Once posted, scores are available for download for 45 days. After this you will be charged if you need access to your score report.
What resources are available to assist in preparing to take the NES® or AEPA®?
The AEPA® Website provides study guides for a fee. The study guides can be ordered at the same time of registration for the test. You can find the free test framework for each test on the AEPA website under each specific test. The College of Education at Northern Arizona University has a Test Preparation Center that offers practice tests and personalized assistance in studying for the AEPA™ and NES®. The Test Preparation Center, is located in room 181 in the Eastburn Education bld.# 27. The Test Preparation Center suggests signing up for our BBlearn Course; this is where you will find our practice tests.