When can I fill out my scholarship application?

The application opens to students in January every year.  To start your application please visit our Scholarship Application page.

How long do I have to finish the application?

The application opens on January 9, 2017 and closes on March 3, 2017 at 11:59 PM.

How do I apply for more than one College of Education Scholarship?

You only need to fill out one application to be considered for all the College of Education scholarships.  Apply for a Foundation Scholarship at NAZUFoundation.com.  More NAU scholarships can be found here.

I don't have a NAU login.  Can I still apply for a COE scholarship?

If you would like to apply for a scholarship but have not yet been assigned a NAU login please email the Scholarship Committee Office for further instructions.

When do I find out if I have been awarded an scholarship?

Scholarship award letters are sent out after the Scholarship Committee meets in the spring of each year.  More award information.

Why do I have to complete my FAFSA so early to be considered for a scholarship?

Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need.  you must fill out your FAFSA to determine whether you qualify for need based scholarships.  More financial aid information.

What should I put in my letter?

This student letter is a critical component of your application. Please visit our Letter of Interest page for more information.

Does completing the COE application automatically qualify me for other university wide scholarships?

No, if you want to be considered for other scholarships outside the College of Education, you will need to fill out their application.

If I have a tuition waiver am I still eligible for scholarships?

Yes, though your application would not be considered a high priority for award.

How do I apply for a tuition waiver?

Each department handles tuition waivers differently.  For more information contact your department directly.

If I miss the submission date is there any way I can be considered for a scholarship?

No, however you might wish to look for applications that are still open.  Often the Financial Aid application is open longer than the College of Education Scholarship Application.

What happens to scholarships that are not accepted or given out?

The committee creates a back-up list at the time the awards are made and scholarships are offered to the next student on that list until it is accepted.  If there are no applicants who qualify for a specific scholarship, those funds are either put back into principal to build the endowment or held over to award the next year.

I am having technical difficulties submitting my application.

Please email the development team.