Experience Ghana, Africa!

Join us for this 3-week Service Learning - Study Abroad opportunity in the beautiful African country of Ghana.  This program is sponsored by the International Institute for the Advanced Study of Culture, Institutions and Economic Enterprise (IIAS) and is lead by a team of NAU faculty members.

Ghana is located on the Gulf of Guinea and the Atlantic Ocean and is often referred to as the Gold Coast.  The country is rich in rain forests, woodlands and fertile lands boasting springs, waterfalls, wildlife parks, nature reserves, and historical centers.  

Archeological records show that humans have lived in and around the Ghana area since the Bronze Age.  More modern history reflects the influences of the Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, English and Germans.  Because of its costal location, Ghana’s was once a port for the slave trade. 

Join us for this culturally rich and exciting experience that includes lectures with experts and professors from the University of Ghana and University of Cape Coast, Service Learning Opportunities in educational and social services agencies, trips to cultural centers and historical sites (i.e. the famous Elmira Castle), the rainforest and an elephant safari in Mole National Park.  

Come and participate with us in hands on experiences with local groups and organizations to include but not limited to university and k-12 educational settings, orphanages, and sustainable and environmental programs.


Depart US May 10, 2013 for Accra, Ghana.          

Depart Accra, Ghana May 29, 2013


$2590 and includes:  NAU 1 credit hour tuition, lodging with breakfast, in country travel expenses, entry to wildlife parks and cultural centers.

Costs exclude airfare, visa fees, and health inoculations.

This is a faculty lead Service Learning- Study Abroad Experience.  Should you wish additional information please feel free to contact any of our faculty leaders. Dr. Tom DeStefano, (Thomas.Destefano@nau.edu), Dr. Ishmael Munene (Ishmael.Munene@nau.edu), and Dr. Karen Sealander (Karen.Sealander@nau.edu)