For Parents

GEAR UP opportunities will be provided during middle-grade years for students to acquire greater self-awareness and access information about the world of work. In high school, job site visits, job-shadowing and presentations from professionals in various fields will help students refine their career interests and assess the education and skills required to succeed.

AZ GEAR UP students and families will visit a variety of post-secondary institutions to expand awareness and familiarize themselves with the on-campus experience to continue to build college going aspirations.

AZ GEAR UP students will participate in a skill building workshop. The focus will be on the basic elements of college readiness, study skills, self-monitoring, goal-setting, time management, and problem-solving. Students will understand "how college works."

AZ GEAR UP students will also participate in a Summer Enrichment Program. This will be a one week summer residential academic program on the NAU campus.

As students move from 8th to 9th grade, activities include high school visits, shadowing high school students and visits from high school counselors to speak to 8th grade middle schools. EXPLORE results are used with students to develop their pre-high school Education and Career Action Plan. Peer mentoring, in partnership with non-profit organizations, is provided for 9th graders by upper classmen.

Trained Academic Mentors will work with AZ GEAR UP students one-on-one and in small groups during class, and provide tutoring after school, during lunch periods, and during teacher prep periods.

We believe that with right tools and support, all students in the state of Arizona can go to college.

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