Internal Hiring Procedures

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Internal Hiring Procedures

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3/11/5556 12:00:00 AM / 1/7/1956 12:00:00 AM


Melvin E. Hall, Dean & Daniel L. Kain, Interim Dean


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for hiring and managing hourly employees.


The overriding premise of this procedure is that the Dean (or his/her designee) is the only hiring authority at COE.  All offers of employment for benefit-eligible vacancies must be approved by the Dean prior to contacting the candidate.


  1. Obtain authorization from the Dean to post a vacant or new position.  Followdetailed instructions outlined in the HR Hiring Guidelines forClassified Staff and Service Professional vacancies and in the FacultyHandbook for faculty vacancies.  The Deanwill be looking for language in the job posting to confirm COE¿scommitment to attracting candidates who will enhance diversity and withdemonstrable experience working with diverse populations. (Follow thehiring guidelines for faculty searches ¿ attached)
  2. Determine the chair and members of the Screening Committee.
  3. Develop a matrix for screening applications.  Refer to the current information on the HR website to ensure compliance with University policies.  Matrices should reflect COE¿s commitment to attracting employees with demonstrable experience working with diverse populations.
  4. Collect applications according to instructions on the official job posting.  The Dean expects every effort will be made to develop a diverse applicant pool.
  5. Copy and distribute applications to committee members for initial screening using the appropriate matrix.
  6. The chair of the Screening Committee will collect matrix results to determine the top candidates.  The chair recommends a list of candidates determined by the committee to have highest qualifications.
  7. Submit the names of the top candidates along with a job description, copies ofapplication materials, and summarized matrix scores to the Dean forreview and approval.
  8. The Dean will approve the list of candidates for interview.  The Dean will notify the chair of the Screening Committee regarding the Dean¿s involvement in the interview process.
  9. Schedule and conduct interviews with candidates.
  10. Submit a list of strengths and weaknesses for each candidate interviewed to the Dean.
  11. The Dean will recommend the next course of action (offer of employment, 2nd interview, re-post vacancy, etc.)


Sample matrix for screening applications

COE Faculty Hiring Guideline