Department of Educational Specialties

Graduate Students

You will be emailed and sent a letter once accepted into the graduate program you applied for at the Educational Specialties Department.  This communication will contain your assigned faculty advisor. 

If you applied for a certification-bearing program, you will be assigned two advisors: an academic advisor to help you with admission requirements, class selection, course sequence, etc. and a faculty advisor that will be your professional advisor.  

It is very important that students contact their advisor as soon as they are notified who that advisor is, and before the planned semester for beginning coursework.  With that initial contact, the student and the advisor should complete a Program of Studies. For students in certification-bearing programs, work with your academic advisor to plan your courses and then send it to your faculty advisor to get the approval.

Educational Specialties faculty contact information 

Non-degree Seeking Students

If you are a non-degree seeking student taking classes in one of our programs, please note that you can transfer only 12 units taken in that status and that some courses may have prerequisites. 

Extended Campuses Students

If you’re an Extended Campuses (statewide or online) student, you should still contact our main office (928) 523-5342 for admission and advisement information.

Programs of Study

Use your Program of Study to guide your course selection in consultation with your advisor.