Special/Elementary Education (dual certification), Bachelor of Science in Education

Equal access for all students

As we move to an inclusive educational environment where all children work and learn together, our programs promote inclusive practices through our dual certification in special and elementary education.


We offer this plan to prepare you to become a certified teacher of children and youth who have disabilities, as well as those who do not. The courses included in the program of study are designed to address the Professional Standards for the Council for Exceptional Children, in addition to the Interstate Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (InTASC), adopted by the Arizona Department of Education. This plan prepares you to teach students with mild to moderate disabilities such as:

  • learning disabilities
  • emotional/behavioral disorders
  • mild-moderate intellectual disabilities
  • orthopedic and health impairments
  • autism
  • traumatic brain injury

Student teaching

You student teach for one semester, with your time divided between special education and elementary education settings.

When you complete your degree and pass certification exams, you will have earned one certificate in special education (grades K-12 mild to moderate disabilities) and one in elementary education (grades 1-8).

With training in both special and elementary education, graduates of our dual certification program are highly sought-after candidates for job openings.

School-based programs

As a dual certification student, a clinical (school based) program will prepare you to "hit the ground running" when you start your first teaching job.

In each of these programs, you spend several hours each day working with students in public-school classrooms under the supervision of mentor teachers and university faculty.

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