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Find information on appeals, registration, enrollment, independent study, and more for the Educational Psychology - Counseling Psychology and Educational Psychology - School Psychology PhD programs. 

Educational Psychology (EPS) academic appeals/grievance process

Use the Educational Psychology's Academic Appeals/Grievance Process to appeal admission decisions, issues of professional conduct evaluation, program of studies issues, and other matters.

Registration and continuous enrollment

You need to become familiar with the Northern Arizona University LOUIE system. In LOUIE, you can:

  • update addresses and telephone numbers
  • find course catalog information and schedule of classes
  • register for classes—pre-registration is highly recommended
  • check your e-mail through the Northern Arizona University e-mail account; all official e-mail from the university and your faculty will be through your university e-mail account
  • check class availability and scheduled semesters

In order to ensure that students are accepted into required classes, pre-registration is highly recommended. Students are encouraged to pay particular attention to course prerequisites to ensure proper course sequence and to note that certain courses are only offered fall or spring semester.

Independent study / dissertation hours

The Graduate Catalog states, "When you are doing independent study or working on a thesis or dissertation, we expect you to register for the number of credits that adequately reflects the amount of faculty involvement and your use of university facilities.”

If you are in residence and are using lab and other research facilities and are interacting with your faculty adviser on a regular basis, you should register for at least 3 credit hours.

If you are not on campus but are corresponding with your adviser as you work on your dissertation, you should register for at least 1 credit hour.

During the semester that you complete and defend your dissertation, you should register for at least 1 credit hour.

Time limit

After admission to the program, all degree requirements must be completed within eight years.

Requests for extending this deadline must be submitted to the dissertation chair and the department faculty for their consideration. The Graduate Dean then makes final decisions regarding such extensions.

Residency requirement 

The purpose of the residency requirement is to provide the doctoral student with an intensive academic experience including opportunities for interaction with resident faculty as well as other graduate students.

This time should be devoted to scholarly study, research, writing, and professional activities which advance your academic program.

As a student in the doctoral program in Educational Psychology, you must satisfy the residency requirement by completing a minimum of two consecutive semesters of full-time residency. The residency requirements must be met by attending during fall and spring semesters.