Doctoral student resources

The following resources are for the Educational Psychology - Counseling Psychology and Educational Psychology - School Psychology PhD Programs.

In addition to the following materials, please review the section of the academic catalog pertaining to regulations and requirements for graduate degree and certification programs offered.

For the Combined Counseling/School Psychology PhD Program - Doctoral Student Resources, please refer to the Combined Counseling/School Psychology PhD Program website and the Combined Counseling/School Psychology Doctoral Student Handbook.

Getting started resources

Get started with the following information:

  • checklist for EPS Counseling Psychology and EPS School Pscholgy doctoral students
  • program adviser and Doctoral Program Committee
  • program of studies
  • Graduate College transfer of credit policies
  • grade point average policies
  • general policies and procedures
  • continuing student evaluation process

Coursework resources

The coursework resources section contains information on:

  • EPS academic appeals/grievance process
  • registration and continuous enrollment
  • independent study/dissertation hours
  • time limit
  • residency requirement

Exams, candidacy, and dissertation resources

This section contains information on:

  • intent to complete preliminary/comprehensive examinations form
  • doctoral preliminary examination policies and procedures
  • doctoral comprehensive examination policies and procedures
  • admissions to candidacy
  • dissertation guidelines

Practicum and internship guidelines

This section contains information on:

  • EPS Counseling Psychology Practicum Guidelines
  • EPS School Psychology Practicum Guidelines
  • EPS Counseling Psychology and EPS School Psychology Doctoral Internship Guidelines


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