Frequently asked questions

Where can I find out more about the EPS Graduate Programs?

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Review our F.A.Q.s for the EPS Graduate Programs [Downloadable .pdf]

What is a cohort?

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A cohort is a group of students that start together and take the same classes in sequence during the duration of the degree program. Cohort programs in Educational Psychology are generally available in our statewide locations.

What is the Graduate Application Process for all programs (except Human Relations) in Educational Psychology?

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All students will need to submit an autobiographical application, three letters of recommendation, undergraduate transcripts, and current GRE scores (unless Student Affairs with GPA above 3.0) to the Flagstaff campus. An online combined application to the Department and the Graduate College is also required. Please see the admissions webpage for more information.

How do you determine who gets admitted into the graduate programs (except Human Relations)?

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The department uses a weighted system as follows (varies by masters or doctoral program):

  1. 50% - 60% Academic Aptitude for Graduate Study (GRE scores* and GPA),
  2. 15% Life Experiences (autobiographical questions),
  3. 7.5% - 10% Work Related Experiences (relevant paid and volunteer work),
  4. 7.5% - 10% Potential to Contribute to Profession and Program (professional activities and letters of recommendation),
  5. 10% Goodness of Fit to the Program (areas of focus congruency, fit to COE mission, and professional characteristics)
* GRE Score not required for Student Affairs with GPA above 3.0.

Is interviewing a part of the application process?

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We do not include an interview as a part of the application process for masters programs however it is highly encouraged that you do visit the campus and make contacts with the faculty and students. Highly-ranked doctoral applicants in School and Counseling Psychology may be invited to participate in an interview process which is generally held during the second week in February.

How many credits can be transferred from another program?

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The university’s graduate catalog states that a student may apply nine credit hours from one master's degree to another. Up to 12 credit hours can be transferred in from another college or university.

Keep in mind that:

  • All classes to be applied towards the master's degree must have been taken within six years of the date of graduation. If a transcript does not fall within this window of time, course work may not transfer. The six year transfer rule may not apply to courses taken within a completed master’s degree.
  • Classes transferred in must be equivalent to those required on the program of study. This evaluation is done on a case-by-case basis with your academic advisor, after a student has been admitted to the respective graduate program. To facilitate this process, please have available course syllabus, textbooks used, and other descriptive material.

For more information on transfer credits, visit the academic catalog.

What kinds of financial aid will be available to me if I choose to enter into one of the EPS graduate programs?

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The department currently offers graduate assistantships to students in both Master’s and Doctoral level programs. These assistantships are only available on the Mountain campus. If a student is granted a full time assistantship (20 hours/week), the student will receive a partial in-state waiver, an out-of-state tuition waver (applies to out of state students) and a stipend in the department (ranges from 9,174-10,222) Assistantships are granted to full-time doctoral level students first and are very competitive. You must be a full-time student to be eligible. Please see the "forms" section of the department webpage for application information.

A variety of assistantships are also available outside of the department. For more information on support services units that offer graduate assistantships, please click on the following link also available on the Graduate College web pages:

Students may also apply for scholarships and financial aid through the office of Financial Aid. Please call (928) 523-1551 for more information. For more information, visit 

Can a student take classes before being admitted to an EPS program?

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First, the student must understand that admittance to the program is not automatic. If we receive more qualified applications than spaces available, a limited number of students are admitted.

With that in mind, if the student wants to take classes before admittance, we recommend 12 units (which is the limit which can be taken as an unclassified graduate student) chosen from following open enrollment classes:

  • EPS 525 - Introduction to Statistics
  • EPS 580* - Human Development
  • EPS 620 - Vocational Counseling
  • EDR 610 - Introduction to Research

 *Not required for all degree programs. Please confer with an advisor.