Master Syllabi

CCHE 580 The Community College

CCHE 620 Programs for Access and Opportunity in Higher Education

CCHE 670 Adult Learners

CCHE 590 Education Technology in the College Classroom

CCHE 640 Curriculum Construction

CCHE 680 Higher Education in the United States

CCHE 688 College Teaching

EDF 200 Introduction to Education         

EDF 301 School and Society

EDF 500 Cultural Foundations of Education     

EDL 600 Leadership Skills

EDL 622 Legal Aspects of School Administration

EDL 623 Publicity and Politics of Education

EDL 625 Supervision of Instruction

EDL 627 Personnel Administration in Education

EDL 629 The Principalship

EDL 635 School Finance

EDL 650 Critical Issues in Education

EDL 662 Leadership in Instructional Planning

EDL 724 Superintendency

EDL 732 Educational Leadership and Planning for Technology

EDL 733 Educational Organization Development

EDL 734 Educational Funding Policy Studies

EDL 736 Advanced School Law

EDR 610 Introduction to Research

COE Syllabi Template

The College of Education has a Master Syllabi Template and the accompanying Policy Statement.

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