Educational Leadership, Master of Education

Degree overview

This degree will prepare you to take a leadership position in an educational setting, but may also be appropriate for individuals looking to assume leadership positions in other professions. 

Specialize in one of four areas

1.  Instructional Leadership K-12 School Leadership, MEd
This emphasis is designed to help you prepare to serve in a leadership position at the K-12 level, which does not necessarily require state administrator certification.

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Such positions may include:

  • teachers serving as a department chair of an academic unit
  • leading curriculum initiatives
  • working with school and community programs

2.  Principal Certification K-12, MEd
This emphasis is designed to prepare you to serve as a school principal at the K-12 level. The School Administration Principal K-12 emphasis requires 36 hours of coursework as follows:

3.  Educational Foundations, MEd

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This emphasis is designed to prepare you to:

  • shape educational organizations, school communities, nonprofits, and other community contexts 
  • assume a leadership position in an educational or youth-oriented setting 
  • teach or work internationally in schools, or non-governmental, governmental and international organizations with youth or adults 
  • focus on indigeneity, race, gender, and sexuality in the study of schooling
  • pursue advanced graduate studies on learning or teaching in and outside schools

4.  Community College/Higher Education, MEd
This new degree prepares individuals to work in a rapidly changing market and focuses on leadership in community colleges; colleges; universities; and businesses/industries, governmental agencies, and private organizations with educational objectives and direction.

For more in-depth information on this degree please visit the CCHE information page.


To be admitted, you must complete all of the application steps below:

  1. Complete the Graduate College admission application, either paper copy or online, and submit the necessary fees and documents to the address listed on the form. 
  2. If you apply to the Graduate College online, our department will receive a copy of your program application. If you apply to the Graduate College using a paper form, you must also submit the program application to your adviser in paper form; your adviser should forward a copy to the EDL department office.
  3. Meet with an adviser to establish a Program of Study (POS); your adviser will then submit a copy to the EDL department office in Mesa.
  4. Copies of all admission paperwork, including a fully signed POS, must arrive in the EDL office in Mesa before you register for your second semester of EDL classes.
Note:  The Graduate College phone number is 928-523-4348.

Programs of Study

Below is a list of downloadable Programs of Study.  Each includes complete set of courses and other work that must be successfully completed before qualifying for a degree, diploma, or certificate.

Academic Catalog Listing

See the NAU Academic Catalog for official details on this degree, including:  

  • Career opportunities for graduates with this degree
  • Admission requirements
  • Course listing
  • Campuses that offer this degree 


  1. Educational Leadership - Instructional Leadership K-12 School Leadership, Master of Education
  2. Educational Leadership – Principal Certification K-12, Master of Education
  3. Educational Leadership - Educational Foundations, Master of Education
  4. Educational Leadership - Community College/Higher Education, Master of Education