Supporting the College of Education

The College of Education needs support from you—alumni and friends—now more than ever.

Although the university is a public institution, state support for higher education—and education in general—has been declining steadily for years, and the College of Education has been deeply affected. This is a dangerous trend, as a robust educational system is the key ingredient in remaining strong global leaders and innovators—individually and collectively.

Because of these relentless budget cuts, we must increasingly rely on the generosity of the private sector to maintain our high standard of excellence in teacher preparation.

Our students are taught the importance of community and to celebrate diversities. Our graduates make invaluable contributions to the education arena and are dedicated to cultivating knowledge in future generations. They are necessary for building a brighter tomorrow.

If you recognize and appreciate the College of Education at Northern Arizona University as a leader in producing quality educators in the nation, consider giving to the College today.

Funded projects

We don’t just prepare future educators—we are also involved in a number of projects that allow us to work directly with schools, students, and the community. Creating positive change is important to us.