Strategic Plans

A Commitment to Native Americans

Become the nation’s leading university serving Native Americans

Strategy 1: Provide a university climate and culture that enhance the academic experiences of Native American students, staff, and faculty


  • Collaborate with partners to build a Native American Center that is an academic/student support service center providing interdisciplinary support and energy for teaching, research, and outreach activities
  • Increase the number of full-time Native American faculty, administrators, and staff
  • Promote awareness and understanding of Native American cultures
  • Build curriculum that focuses on the Native American experiences
  • Explore cross-disciplinary programs and approaches that incorporate Native American traditional knowledge and practices in collaboration with tribal agencies and communities

Strategy 2: Improve the recruitment and retention of Native American students


  • Increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation of Native American students
  • Expand partnerships with tribal colleges to enhance opportunities for Native American student to continue their education
  • Create learning pedagogies and student support frameworks leading to Native American student success
  • Raise a substantial endowment to support Native American students and programs through advancement efforts
  • Enhance marketing to showcase a commitment to Native Americans

Strategy 3: Develop collaborative service and outreach programs with Native American Communities


  • Strengthen and develop partnerships with tribal governments and others that benefit Native American students, researchers, faculty, and communities
  • Enhance funding that supports Native American students, faculty, programs, and their communities

Strategy 4: Improve cross-disciplinary and unit communication, collaboration and partnerships (NEW)


  • Increase CNA meeting attendance to include key representatives from primary NAU units/programs
  • Update and maintain CNA website
  • Increase unit outreach efforts and expand collaborative partnerships with tribal communities
  • Update and maintain NAU Native American Directory