Meet Our Team

  • Director of International Student Retention and Inclusion
  • Dylan RustDylan Rust, Ed.D.

    Dr. Dylan Rust has been the Director for the Northern Arizona University International House since its inception in 2012. An Arizona native, Dr. Rust is a three-time NAU alumnus and worked for the NAU Office of Housing and Residence Life for nine years before joining the Center for International Education in 2012. In addition to his work for the Center for International Education, Dr. Rust is also the Secretary of the Executive Board of International Houses Worldwide, Inc. and is the Past Chair for the NAU Service Professional Advisory Council.

  • Coordinator of the International Pavilion
  • Vacant
    • Phone: (928) 523-6548
    • Fax: (928) 523-9489
  • Global Advisors
  • PongChoon Pong Tan (I prefer being called Pong)
    • Year/Major: Senior/ Psychology
    • Hometown: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    • Why you're excited about living in an international community: I love to meet new people from different places and learn about the differences we have. I am surprised that what I have learned from all my friends in NAU, especially the in the international community. Not only that, International pavilion is right beside the I-House, therefore, I can always walk there and join the awesome events with the community. I came to this community as a stranger and become family with the entire community. This makes me want to go to their country and visit them in the future and learn more about them. I have been to Brazil to visit my old roommate and it was an awesome experience!
    • Why you're looking forward to being a Global Advisor: Living in the I-House is not enough, therefore, we need someone that would take out some time and create events so that the community could come out together and have fun. It is not just a job, it is about how to make different nationalities come together as one. I love to see how people have fun together even we are all different. I also do not want students in the international community to be alone. That would be a waste of not hanging out with awesome people in this awesome community. Therefore, I want this community to fill with joy, the feeling of lively, go back to their hometown with happy memories!
  • NicoleHyattNicole Hyatt
    • Year/Major: Junior/Elementary Education
    • Hometown: Kenosha, Wisconsin
    • Why you’re excited about living in an international community: I'm excited to live with an international student, while also having neighbors from all over the world! I think it's a great experience to interact with others from so many different cultures. The food, traditions, and personalities always mix things up! Can't wait to get even more involved in our awesome and unique community!
    • Why you’re looking forward to being a Global Advisor: I'm super psyched to be a global advisor and get to meet a ton of international students! Not only are we bringing them together, but also integrating in the American culture as well. I'm looking forward to the events we will put on and how everyone brings in their own flavor. Even just from my first couple of days as a global advisor, I am loving my job! Looking forward to the rest of the year and all of the connections to be made!