Our vision and mission

Vision statement

To become an international leader in global education, demonstrating how these values can be effectively institutionalized in the curriculum and on the campus to ultimately prepare students as globally competent graduates.                                 

Mission statement

To play a central role in preparing students to be globally competent graduates. We will achieve this mission as follows:

  • help facilitate global learning experiences for students
  • support faculty in acquiring relevant global learning experiences that will ultimately impact the academic experiences they facilitate for students
  • work with the faculty in designing a curriculum that fosters global learning and infuses global perspectives that embraces diversity/multicultural education and environmental sustainability throughout the undergraduate and graduate experience
  • attract the best and the brightest international students and visiting scholars to Northern Arizona University
  • reach out to international alumni and other entities to support the global agenda through giving
  • advocate for the transformation of the campus culture into one that celebrates global learning
  • establish strong ties with the local community that will support the global agenda at Northern Arizona University