Mission and vision

Program Mission

Northern Arizona University’s physical therapy program mission is to prepare exemplary and professionally engaged Doctors of Physical Therapy through innovative, collaborative, and experiential instruction provided by nationally recognized faculty scholars and leaders across a successful two-campus model.

Program Vision

The physical therapy program at Northern Arizona University will generate innovative and pragmatic strategies to optimize health through excellence in higher education. 

Program goals and expected outcomes

  • The program will provide students with a foundation in the basic and clinical sciences related to physical therapy practice and develop graduates capable of self-directed professional development.
  • The program will provide students with the skills to provide value-driven and consumer-centric physical therapy services that represent best practices for all individuals of all ages.
  • The program will provide students with the skills to acquire, interpret, and apply the best available evidence in the provision of physical therapy services.
  • The program will provide students with the skills to engage with consumers in order to develop and sustain collaborations and innovations that help to increase the value of physical therapy services, reduce preventable health care costs, and overcome barriers to participation in society.
  • The program will foster a culture of role modeling and mentorship that encourages advocacy to enhance the profession of physical therapy, recognize health disparities, and contribute to the health of society.
  • The program will encourage students and faculty to participate in the American Physical Therapy Association, the Arizona Chapter of the American Physical Therapy Association and other organizations or activities that advance professionalism within physical therapy.
  • The program faculty will contribute to the governance of the Program, College, and/or University. The physical therapy core faculty will be recognized locally, regionally, nationally, or internationally as leaders in current and emerging areas of physical therapy practice across the life span through scholarship, clinical education and/or professional service.