Admission to the Doctor of Physical Therapy program

All communication regarding your application will be through email.  Please ensure that PTCAS has the most accurate email address for you. Please keep the following dates and deadlines in mind to ensure your application process goes smoothly. Please read the detailed instructions for Admission Requirements and Important Dates can be found on the PTCAS Website.

GRE Testing

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is required. All candidates should take the general test and have their scores sent using the code 7668. This code is different from that of the general university, so make sure you follow the instructions on PTCAS.  

Application deadlines for the academic year prior to the start of the program:

By the first Monday in October:
  • Complete the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Service (PTCAS) application.
  • Complete the Northern Arizona University Graduate College application.
  • Check PTCAS for the exact date. 
  • Interview invitations will be sent at the end of October or early November. 
  • Interview date is Saturday, December 1st, 2018.


By the end of spring semester:
  • All prerequisite science courses must be completed by the end of the semester. No more than three prerequisite courses should be taken in the final spring semester.
  • Complete a bachelor’s degree in any subject.


The final stage of the application process is an on-campus interview. Individuals with complete PTCAS and NAU Graduate College Applications are invited for interviews based on their overall grade point average and Quantitative, Verbal, and Analytical Writing GRE scores. You must meet the minimum requirements to be considered for an interview. Arizona residents are given some preference over non-Arizona residents when determining who is invited for an interview.

Because of the significant competition for admission, meeting these minimums does not guarantee you will be invited for an interview or admitted to the program.

The preference of which campus (Flagstaff or Phoenix) applicants wish to attend will be solicited at the time of the interviews. This is a preference only and no guarantee can be made regarding ultimate placement.  

If you advance to the interview stage

  • If invited for an on-campus interview, you will receive notice in early to mid November.
  • Interviews are typically held on the first Saturday in December. You will be assigned a date and location for the interview. 
  • Interviews are done at both the Phoenix and Flagstaff campuses. You will be assigned a location for the interview; it is not dictated by your campus preference.


  •  If you are offered admission or are placed on an alternate list, you will receive an e-mail notification within 6 weeks of the interview completion. 
  • Alternates are contacted as class placements become available and may continue until early summer.

Final selection for admission

The final selection for admission to the program will be based on a holistic review including consideration of the overall grade point average, prerequisite science grade point average, Quantitative, Verbal, and Analytical Writing GRE scores, the strength of the letters of recommendation, personal statement, and the ratings received from on-campus interviews. 

At the time applicants are notified regarding their acceptance into the NAU Physical Therapy Program, the campus assignment will be communicated. Again, applicant preference concerning the campus they wish to attend will be carefully considered but cannot be guaranteed.