Year one


The first year of the Physician Assistant Program consists of 44 weeks (three semesters) of courses to provide you with a solid classroom foundation through lectures, small group activity and hands-on workshops.

Year I Fall Semester (16 weeks) Credits 
PHA 500 Human Anatomy 5
PHA 520 Foundations of Clinical Practice I 3
PHA 530 History Taking and Physical Examination4
PHA 540 Ethics and Professionalism  2
PHA 511 Human Physiology2
PHA 570 Diagnostic Medicine3
Total  19 

Year I Spring Semester (16 weeks)Credits
PHA 550 Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics I3
PHA 521 Foundations of Clinical Practice II 8
PHA 560 Clinical Decision Making I 3
PHA 580 Clinical Disciplines I 3
PHA 512 Pathophysiology3
Total   20 

Year I Summer Semester (12 weeks)  Credits
PHA 551 Pharmacology & Pharmacotherapeutics II 3
PHA 522 Foundations of Clinical Practice III  6
PHA 561 Clinical Decision Making II2
PHA 581 Clinical Disciplines II3
PHA 610 Introduction to Clinical Practice      3
Total    17  

Year two

The second year of the program consists of one four-week course (Introduction to Clinical Practice) followed by eleven four-week rotations.

The core clinical rotations include:

  • family medicine
  • internal medicine
  • emergency medicine
  • surgery
  • mental health
  • pediatrics
  • women’s health

There will be two additional four-week rotations in a Primary Care field and two elective rotations.

These clinical-year experiences provide you with hands-on learning in a variety of rural and community clinics and hospitals throughout Arizona. Additionally, you will return to campus several times during the year for continuous and summative assessments, research presentations, capstone projects and reflective coursework.

 Please note: the second year is an ongoing year of clinical rotations that do not fit into the semester schedule and will not have scheduled semester breaks.  


Year 2Credits
PHA 698 Seminar 1
Clinical Rotation 1  4
Clinical Rotation 2 4
Clinical Rotation 34
Clinical Rotation 44
Clinical Rotation 54
Clinical Rotation 64
Clinical Rotation 74
Clinical Rotation 84
Clinical Rotation 94
Clinical Rotation 104
Clinical Rotation 114
PHA 689 PA Capstone2
Total 47
Total Curriculum      103