Curriculum Sequence

The NAU OTD curriculum was officially approved by the University in November 2013.

The curriculum will take 33 months to complete, including fieldwork education and the required 16-week individualized residency.

The semester/year matrix identifies the courses and curriculum sequence across each semester leading to graduation with a doctor of occupational therapy (OTD) degree.

Curriculum Threads & Course Sequence

The goal is to provide an educational experience preparing transformative practice-scholars to lead practice and the profession.

To prepare for practitioner excellence, the majority of the courses will have laboratory experiences and community experience in natural context.

Some of the coursework will be web-based, blended learning to maximize student’s hands-on learning under the guidance of faculty supervision and mentoring.

The curriculum is structured into eight major content threads leading to the OTD degree.

  • Occupational Performance Perspectives- 7 credit hours
  • Body functions Supporting Occupational Performance- 15 credit hours
  • Occupational Therapy Toolkit- 8 credit hours
  • Occupational Therapy Process- 31 credit hours
  • Scholarship of Practice- 17 credit hours
  • Practice Competence- 31 credit hours
  • Practice-Scholar Leadership- 8 credit hours
  • Residency & Capstone- 21 credit hours

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