Here’s what our students think about our classes and instructors

Danika's Story

"PES classes have given me the motivation I needed to change my life!  When I enrolled in Kickboxing last semester, I was 20 lbs over the obesity line for my height.  Now, just two semesters into graduate school, I've lost 1/5 of my starting body weight (over 40 lbs!) and have added proper nutrition and stretching into my routine through the encouragement of the PES staff and techniques I have learned in my stretch and relax class.  I can't wait to try a new class next semester and would highly recommend PES classes to anyone who wants accountability and encouragement on their journey to better health :)"

 Transformation Tuesday



Passionate: Seemed to genuinely care.

Devotion: An inspirational instructor.

Has an upbeat attitude and sense of humor.

Made the workouts fun and encouraged us to keep going.

Always changed things up so we had a new challenge every day.

Extremely energetic and fun.

Had mini lectures that helped us stay on track in our fitness goals... it wasn't an overload of information, but just enough to keep us educated and motivated.

Encouraged me to love who I am and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Always pushed students to fullest potential.

Very professional instructor who knew her material and always came prepared for class. I loved how she could always remember everyone's names and kept everyone involved in the class. She is very passionate and energetic about teaching.

My instructor had a great diversity of exercises and an ability to push us to our limits without injury or feeling insufficient.

She has a natural talent for gauging students' needs and abilities and tailoring her class accordingly. She made the class personal and meaningful by explaining her goals as a teacher and encouraging students to identify their goals as students.

A challenge every day, always provided support and modifications if necessary.