Ready to Enroll in the 30 Day Trial?

You will have 30 days to complete the consent form, view five informational videos (estimated 35 minutes, total time), and read an e-book
by Joel Fuhrman MD. 

To Request Enrollment into the 30 Day Trial, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to The 30 Day Trial
  2. Fill in the required information
  3. As you complete each page, click “submit” to continue
  4. As you complete a section on a page, new information will appear below.
  5. After the videos, there is a short, 15-question quiz based on Super Immunity. A new question will appear when the current question is answered correctly. If you answer incorrectly, the reference page in Super Immunity will be displayed. You will have the opportunity to make multiple attempts to answer each question. Click SUBMIT when all questions have been answered. 
  6. You will always have the option to save your work and continue at a later time.    

**Important Reminders**

  • Please add to your safe senders list. 
  • The 30 day Trial pages may not work optimally on mobile devices. We suggest you use a tablet or computer to complete the data base questions. 
  • We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox browsers for the best video performance. Videos may not play as well on other browser systems (including Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge).  
  • Do not use your back button during the surveys. 
  • If you need to stop at any point in the survey, there is a “Save and Return” function at the bottom of the page. This will open a window that provides a code that you will need for continuation. Please record this code in safe place for later reference. You will receive an email that contains a link for you to use when you resume the surveys. This is the ONLY link that will enable you to return to your work in the study. (The small blue “return icon" at the top of the survey is not activated for this study)
  • Once you have completed all the materials for the 30 Day Trial, you cannot change your answers.
  • A link will be provided at the end of the study with the opportunity to consent to and join the full and ongoing study.