Bachelor of Science in Education: Physical Education

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PE 316 Students

Northern Arizona University Physical Education Teacher Education Mission and Vision

  • Developing educational leaders who create tomorrow's opportunities.
  • Developing competent and committed professionals who will make positive differences for children, young adults, and others in schools.

The NAU Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program prepares students to become competent and effective PreK-12 physical education instructors. Further, our PETE students graduate from the program prepared to make a positive and lasting impact on student lives.

Physical Education majors at NAU are given the opportunity to have rich, hands-on field experiences interacting with children in the surrounding PreK-12 schools starting the first year in the program. These experiences continue throughout the entire program, culminating with a practicum-based class which is largely spent implementing the teaching skills learned throughout the PETE program in the elementary, middle, and high schools. Students will then go on to have a robust 16-week student teaching experience. 

The NAU PETE Program is the only nationally recognized physical education program in the state of Arizona aligned with the Shape America National Standards.

View the complete Physical Education Teacher Preparation PETE Standards (National Association for Sport and Physical Education - NASPE). 
Once you decide to become a PE teacher, follow these steps to fill out the Professional Education Program Application.
Students will complete the Professional Education Program Application after they have completed PE 315. Thus, depending upon when they complete PE 315, they will submit their applications between September 1 - 15 or February 1 - 15 to their program advisor.
Students will complete the "Student Teaching Application" one year prior to the semester in which they intend to do their student teaching (i.e., PE 495C).
You can also earn a minor in Physical Education.

State Licensure Requirements

AZ Certification Exam links:

PETE students will be certified with a PreK-12 certificate. Students may choose to take:

Professional Knowledge Exam - Elementary


Professional Knowledge Exam - Secondary


PE Exam for AZ Certification students