Degree curriculum


You can transfer up to 81 lower-division credits to meet the university’s 120-credit minimum for a bachelor’s degree.

Liberal studies (minimum of 35 units)

You need to:

  • Complete 35 units of the university’s liberal studies courses
  • Meet the university’s US ethnic and global diversity requirements

*If you have completed the Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) you meet all of the university’s liberal studies requirements.

Health sciences core (27 units)

Take the following:

  • HS 200-Healthy lifestyles
  • HS 300-Human diseases
  • HS 300W-Applied ethics in health care (junior writing requirement)
  • HS 301-Special topics
  • HS 404-Principles of epidemiology
  • HS 410-Organization and administration of health services
  • HS 408C-Fieldwork experience (capstone requirement)
  • Your choice of two electives with the HS prefix

Associate’s degree discipline-specific coursework (up to 60 units)

Coursework that you took in your associate's degree program may be used to meet some of your bachelor degree requirements at the university.


You may need to take additional coursework to reach the 120-minimum-unit requirement for the bachelor's degree and/or meet other university requirements not already met. You can choose your elective courses from any academic area that meets your specific interests and goals.