Learn About Student Teaching

Once your Teacher Education Program (TEP) application has been accepted, you will be assigned to two different school sites to student teach. One will be at an elementary school and the other will be at a secondary school (MS or HS). You will spend a minimum of eight weeks at each of the two placements. Most of our students choose to student teach in Flagstaff; however, occasionally a request is made to student teach outside of Flagstaff. Approval is granted based on the student's GPA and record of performance, and availability of Northern Arizona University (NAU) faculty available for mentorship.

The student teaching semester is distinctively marked as a period of transition during which one shifts from thinking and behaving "as a student" to making decisions and carrying them out "as a teacher" (professional). At times these decisions will be easy and enjoyable; at other times they come only through dedication and struggle. We are confident that graduates of our program will be able to make this transition successfully because of their comprehensive preparation earned during the NAU undergraduate studies.

We are all proud of the Physical Education Teacher Education (PETE) program at NAU. Our source of that pride is the performance of student teachers. Currently, very high standards for student teachers are in place, and much is expected of you in your new career path! As educators, there is no doubt that you will learn much about yourself as the student teaching term serves as a great time of self-reflection.

The NAU PE Program and Student Teaching

Students will complete the Professional Education Program Application after they have completed PE 315. Thus, depending upon when they complete PE 315, they will submit their applications between September 1 - 15 or February 1 - 15 to their program advisor.
Students will complete the "Student Teaching Application" one year prior to the semester in which they intend to do their student teaching (i.e., PE 495C).
Best of luck in your future teaching endeavors. Make NAU proud!