Who We Are


Opening mouths, minds, and hearts.


The mission of the Department of Dental Hygiene is to create an environment that encourages excellence and growth.


  • respect
  • integrity
  • passion
  • wisdom
  • relationships
  • health


  1. Students will successfully meet the competencies and values as outlined in the Dental Hygiene Student Competencies to become competent oral health care providers using health promotion/disease prevention strategies.
  2. Students will be able to formulate comprehensive oral hygiene care plans that are patient-centered and based on current scientific evidence and evaluate the effectiveness of services provided.
  3. Students will be able to employ professional judgment and critical thinking skills to identify, assess, analyze and creatively address situations in a safe, ethical and legal manner.
  4. Student will be able to demonstrate effective interpersonal skills through actions, oral and written communication, and working with diverse populations.
  5. Students will demonstrate leadership skills and provide service to the community through health promotion activities and education.
  6. Students will be able to demonstrate self-responsibility for professional growth and optimum patient care.


We also value transparency—if you have an issue with our program, please contact us so we can help resolve it. If you believe we are not in compliance with the commission’s standards or accreditation procedures, you may also lodge a complaint against the program with the American Dental Association Commission on Accreditation.