8 tips for a successful application


  1. Order your college transcripts as early as possible. Most problems with the process are due to the late arrival of transcripts. We do not accept applications if all previous transcripts are not included.
  2. Please:
    • do not staple your application pages together
    • do not change the format of the application
    • be sure that every section of the application is typed in black ink 
    • sign your application
    • make sure your application is postmarked by January 31st
    • save a copy of all papers submitted for your application, we do not return any documents to you
  3. If you have any questions regarding pre-requisites, eligibility to apply or application questions you should contact a Dental Hygiene advisor.
  4. Although portfolios, pictures, resumes, colored paper, and reference letters are often included in other applications, these items are not considered as part of our process. Please do not include them or bring them with you if you are granted an interview.
  5. When communicating with department staff or faculty, keep in mind that your conversations are a reflection of who you are and what you will bring to the program and may influence admission decisions. Remain respectful, professional, and courteous at all times. 
  6. If you have technical problems filling out the application or downloading it from the website please let us know.
  7. Only submit the final three pages of the application. The rest are for you to keep.
  8. Please note that the application asks about dental assisting background. This does not include shadowing. Having a dental assisting background means that you were employed and drew a paycheck.