CSD Students in the News

  • FT hooding
    FT hooding

    FT and FT Levelers

    The hooding ceremony for 2018 CSD graduates took place on May 11, 2018 at 10 am at the Twin Arrows Casino. 

  • ST Hooding
    ST Hooding

    Summers Track

    In addition to faculty and student speakers, special awards were presented to the 2018 Outstanding Supervisor (Julie Cohen, nominated by Summers Track student Staci McCauley) and a Lifetime Achievement Award to esteemed Summer Instructor Michael Towey.

2018 Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders Awards

  • FT Grad 2018
    FT Grad 2018

    Full-Time and Full-Time Leveler Awards

    CSD Outstanding Graduate Student - Merceades Green
    CSD Outstanding Graduate Clinician - Nicole Taras
    Clifford White Outstanding Graduate Student - Naomi Rhodes

  • ST grad 2018
    ST grad 2018

    Summers Track Awards

    CSD Outstanding Graduate Student - Abigail Rawson
    CSD Outstanding Graduate Clinician - Anna Munsey
    Clifford White Outstanding Graduate Student - Staci McCauley
    James Case Outstanding Student Clinician - Micaelyn Montgomery

 April 27-28, 2018 - Annual ArSHA Convention in Tucson, AZ

  • ARSHA 2018 1
    ARSHA 2018 1

    Feeding and Swallowing in the Schools

    Second year grad students pose before their presentation at the ArSHA 2018 Convention, titled "A Comparison of Feeding and Swallowing in the Schools: A Pilot Study". Their faculty mentor was Cynthia Farrell. Pictured are Bryce Yount, Emily Sakievich, Molly Gordon, Carly Dixon, and Nikki Taras.

  • ARSHA 2018 2
    ARSHA 2018 2

    Maze Behaviors in Monolingual Children

    Second year grad students pose before their presentation at the ArSHA 2018 Convention, titled "Maze Behaviors in Typical Spanish-English Monolingual Children". Their faculty mentor was Dr. Anna Sosa. L-R: Erin Uruhe, Sindri Azpeitia, and Evelyn Gonzalez.

2017 Graduate Miranda Clements 

2017 Graduate Miranda Clements made the NAU news! Click here for the full story.

2017 Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders Awards

 Jack Anger 2017 

  4/28/17 - Jack Anger receives the ArSHA James Case award

Jack Anger receives the NAU James Case Clinical Award, from ArSHA's Honors Committee Chair, Dr. Katherine Mahosky. Jack received a cash award, a year membership to ArSHA, and free convention registration to the next year's convention.
Congratulations, Jack!


 Praxis Bowl Team_2017 250 

 4/28/17 - The CSD Praxis Bowl Team wins!


The winning Praxis Bowl Team took home a trophy and a few plaques. They all received gifts, including gift cards by Lightstreet, and their Praxis exams paid by EBS.


April 28, 2017 -- Student Presentations at ArSHA in Tucson, AZ

 Graduate Symposium 2017 

 3/28/17 - CSD students at the NAU Graduate Symposium

Congratulations to these CSD graduate students who earned 3rd place in the NAU Graduate Symposium for the following research project: "Perspectives on Stuttering Self-Disclosure by Adult Persons Who Stutter". They received a certificate and a cash award! You've made us all proud. Their research faculty mentor is Dr. Judith King. Congratulations to all! From Left to Right: Dana Niiro, Chloe Acquavella, Molly Shearer, and Nikki White. 

 staci 195x195 

12/06/2016 - Staci McCauley receives $5000 grant

Congratulations to Summer track graduate student Staci McCauley for being the recipient of a $5000 grant from the Fiesta Bowl Wishes for Teachers drawing. She will receive free tickets to the upcoming Fiesta Bowl (that's the part her husband is excited about!) and, along with other winners, will be recognized on the football field before the game. Staci will be using the money she won for her Title I school district to purchase much needed therapy materials. In addition, every SLP and SLPA in her district will receive free CEUs for one year from speechpathology.com! Congratulations to you and to the Roosevelt School District speech-language pathology therapy team!

November 17-19, 2016 -- Student Presentations at ASHA in Philadelphia, PA

  • ariana res group 350x215
    ariana res group 350x215

    Ease of Access to SLP Services

    Full-time CSD grad students stand next to their research poster: "Ease of Access to Speech-Language Therapy Services: Insights from University Transgender Students". Their research advisor was Dr. Judith King. L-R: Miranda Clements, Rachael Carlisle, Hannah Galloway, Jessica Feczko, and Ariana Randall — with Miranda Clements, Jessica Feczko and Ariana Randall.

  • hallie danielle 350x215
    hallie danielle 350x215

    Effective Supervision

    Summer track CSD graduate students, Hallie Clason and Danielle Wray stand in front of their research poster: "Effective Supervision: Perspectives of Supervisees in the Trenches". They collaborated with Dr. Judith King, Dr. Elise Lindstedt, and Dr. Sandy Stewart.

  • hannah_tracy 350x215
    hannah_tracy 350x215

    Transient EOEs in Noise-Exposed Human Ears

    Full-Time grad students Hannah Tubbs and Tracy Mbuoben pose in front of their research poster titled: "Transient-Evoked Otoacoustic Emissions in Normal-Hearing Noise Exposed Human Ears". Dr. Ishan Bhatt was their research advisor. Also collaborating on this poster, but not pictured were: Ariana Randall, Cassie Hiebert, and Nikki White. 

  • molly group 350x215
    molly group 350x215

    Perspectives of Stuttering Self-Disclosure

    Full-time graduate students Molly Shearer, Chloe Acquavella, Dana Niiro, and Nikki White Nikki stand next to their research poster: "Perspectives of Stuttering Self-Disclosure by Adult Persons Who Stutter". Dr. Judith King was their research advisor.— with Molly Shearer, Nikki White, Dana Niiro, and Chloe Acquavella.

matt richardson 195x195 

11/01/2016 - Matt Richardson receives $5000 award

Congratulations to second year NAU CSD graduate student, Matthew Richardson, on receiving a $5,000 ASHFoundation Graduate Student Scholarship. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation general scholarships are awarded annually to 15 qualifying graduate students based on academic and personal merit. The 2016 recipients of this prestigious award were announced at the ASHA Convention in Philadelphia, earlier this month.
Congratulations, Matt -- We are all very proud of your accomplishments!

 bilingual 195x195 

8/29/2016 - Bilingual Evaluation Team

NAU CSD has a new clinic rotation: A bilingual evaluation assessment experience. Pictured here is our clinic's first bilingual assessment team, after completing their final evaluation of the semester. The team traveled this past semester to local schools to collaborate with school SLPs and provide a much needed service to the community. Evaluations at the on-campus clinic were also completed. The supervisor for this clinic is Dr. Fe Murray. Pictured from L-R are graduate students Ariana Randall, Tracy Mbuoben, and Matt Richardson. 


 Gretchen Berstrand 195X195 

4/29/2016 - Gretchen Bergstrand receives ArSHA James Case Award

Congratulations to graduate student Gretchen Bergstrand, the recipient of the ArSHA 2016 James Case Student Clinician Award for NAU. She is pictured here with Karen LaBrozzi, member of ArSHA's Honors and Awards Committee.

Annual Communication & Sciences Awards

wall of honor 350X215 

  • Outstanding Graduate Student

    2018 - Merceades Green

    2017 - Miranda Clements

    2016 - Hailey Corthell

    2015 - Katie Egea

    2014 - Jessica King

    2013 - Erin Burdett

    2012 - Haley Landau

    2011 - Christy White

    2010 - Shaylee Davis

    2009 - Lourdes Chambers

    2008 - Sandra Stewart

    2007 - Rachel Petersen

    2006 - Jeffery Meeks

    2005 - Michelle Schroeder

    2004 - Patricia Klespis

  • Outstanding Summers Track Graduate Student

    2018 - Abigail Rawson

    2017 - Heidi McKnight

    2016 - Lindsay Puccetti

    2016 - Amber Crouch

    2015 - Cara High

    2014 - Kelley Barker

    2013 - Vanessa Abraham

    2012 - Lynn Kincaid

    2011 - Victoria Sucato

    2010 - Marco Albanez

    2009 - Lo Ling Lozoya

    2008 - Misty Mason

  • Oustanding Graduate Clinician

    2018 - Nicole Taras

    2017 - Ariana Randall 

    2016 - Danika Knight

    2015 - Lauren Crane

    2014 - Gina Grosso

    2013 - Chelsea Hafley

    2012 - Margo Zelenski

    2011 - Kelly Payla

    2010 - Junli Gallagher

    2009 - Holly Schaefer

    2008 - Holly Jacobs

    2007 - Kristin Faucher

    2006 - Adrienne Antoni

    2005 - Jill Valeski

    2004 - Lisa Treviso

    2003 - Jillian Boggan

  • Outstanding Summers Track Graduate Clinician

    2018 - Anna Munsey

    2017 - Cara Dwyer

    2016 - Megan Mesman

    2015 - Brittany Binnall

  • Clifford White Award for Outstanding Graduate Student

    2018 - Naomi Rhodes

    2017 - Chloe Acquavella

    2016 - Kelsey Raab                                                

    2015 - Brooke Santos                                             

    2014 - Mary Brown

    2013 - Emily White

    2012 - Rhea Lewis-Tribe

    2011 - Stephanie Hearn

    2010 - Cadie Archer

    2009 - Angela Martin

    2008 - Megan McCormick

    2007 - Cintamani Ellsworth

    2006 - Melissa Manegold

    2005 - Alicia Kozushko

    2004 - Cynthia McCarthy

    2003 - Anna Escarcega-Ortiz

    2000 - Mary Ellen Glennon

    1999 - Jill Padgett

    1998 - Dina Lee Brodfuehrer

    1997 - Michelle Lynn Eber

    1996 - Mailynn Santos Burgess

    1995 - Heidi May Stein

    1994 - Tonia Michelle Henry 

    1993 - Kristan Elizabeth Devore

    1992 - Sarah June Underwood

    1991 - Anita Bakula

    1990 - Cheryl Brown

    1989 - Karen Scott

    1988 - Cynthia Drye

    1987 - Don Seaman

  • Clifford White Award for Outstanding Summers Track Graduate Student

    2018 - Staci McCauley

    2017 - Danielle Wray

    2016 - Gerrick DeLeon

    2015 - Jessica Avenetti 

ArSHA Praxis Bowl Championship Team

arsha praxis bowl 230