Scot Raab, PhD, AT, LAT

Scot Raab Associate Professor
Northern Arizona University
Phone: 928-523-9059

My research focus balances between human performance, mild traumatic brain injuries, and the advancement of Athletic Training. Human performance assessment research is a collaborative effort with faculty members in PT, Biology, and Health Sciences. Collaborate grants have secured equipment to assess gait, aerobic capacity, eccentric training, cycle-ergometer, and modification of ground reaction forces, etc. Assessment of best practices to assess and manage concussion incorporates a collaborative approach from the departments of AT and Speech & Audiology. Within the AT department we continue to assess methods to enhance the education route, outcomes, and professional development of the profession.
Outside of work, I enjoy outside pursuits with my wife and two daughters. Hiking, swimming, triathlons, distance running, adventure courses, SCUBA, Skydiving, camping, etc.