Clinical Proficiencies

Experience in the field

Each semester you are required to take clinical education courses. In clinical courses, you are evaluated throughout the course on specific clinical skills and during class labs, fieldwork experience, and outside practice. You must pass the following clinical education courses:

  • AT 501 Clinical Education I (3 cr.)
  • AT 502 Clinical Education II (3 cr.)
  • AT 503 Clinical Education III ((2 cr.)
  • AT 504 Clinical Education IV (4 cr.)
  • AT 505 Clinical Education V (4 cr.)

Clinical Proficiency Student Database

Find information, resources, and announcements about your clinical proficiencies on the Clinical Proficiency Student Database.  Access to this database is limited to students admitted to the ATEP and clinical supervisors.  We use this database to keep track of the clinical skills that each student must demonstrate proficiency in before graduating.

Link to database for PRECEPTOR

Link to database for STUDENT

Link to Evaluations of Students by CP (a reference for completing online evaluations in database): Click HERE